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Why go on a Rugby tour to Warsaw?

If a rugby tour to Warsaw appeals to you, our guide to the city is a must-read. As the capital, it boasts an array of extravagant architecture, beautiful quirky squares, and a very lively nightlife.

Warsaw is a historic city, which offers lots of great opportunities for walks and sightseeing. In contrast to its historic buildings and monuments, the city offers a lively youthful clubbing scene that’s just waiting to be discovered.

Join us on our digital wander around what to do and where to go in Warsaw to see how a rugby tour to Poland can be the ideal choice for you!

The Warsaw Rugby Festival

Warsaw’s Rugby Festival combines the competitive aspect of rugby with some extreme festival fun. The next festival will be held on the 4th and 5th of June 2022, offering 3 unforgettable nights of partying and 2 days of competitive rugby.

The festival attracts crowds and teams from across the world as well as local players. Most importantly, it’s the ultimate rugby experience and a great place to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

Where to go out on your rugby tour to Warsaw

At night-time, the capital is transformed into an urban paradise full of sparkling lights and lively venues. Without a doubt, it is the best city to go out on your rugby tour to Poland.

Warsaw boasts a variety of boho bars, energetic clubs, big name DJ sets and all-night after parties. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy some of the best nights out in Europe without breaking the bank. With the pound going far in Poland, drinks will be flowing with little damage to your budget (although we can’t guarantee the same for your hangover).

Most importantly, there is a mysterious charm about Warsaw’s nightlife, which is yet to be discovered by many. You can carve out your own path through the charming bars and cobbled streets of Warsaw Old Town and come back from your rugby tour to Poland with lots of unique stories to tell.

The best Bars & Clubs in Warsaw

Naturally, you wouldn’t want to waste a good evening while on a rugby tour to Poland. However, the variety of venues Warsaw offers can be overwhelming at times. We’ve put together a list of some of the best places well-worth checking out:

Polyester Café

This charming bar carries the spirit of Warsaw Old town and is located very close to it. You can pop in for a drink while you wander the charming old streets of the district or want to start your night off in a more relaxed spot.


By all means, nightlife lovers should give this club a visit. You’ll find Opera in the cellars of the National Opera of The Grand Theatre. The long corridors and hidden rooms are curiously enticing and make for a quirky night out for all.

Klubo Kawiarnia

If you only visit one club on your rugby tour to Warsaw, make sure it’s Klubo Kawiarnia. This club has an unbeatable atmosphere and is renowned as one of the best nights out in Warsaw. Moreover, it’s located in the centre of Warsaw, making it an easy destination to navigate your way home from.

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The best places to eat in Warsaw

Poland is home to lots of famous hearty meals and tasty pastries. Although a bit lacking in design elements, ‘Milk Bars’ are a great place to grab cheap and delicious traditional food. Be sure to give them a visit to get the full local experience.

On the other hand, there is a variety of modern restaurants to choose from on your rugby tour to Poland. If you need some inspiration on where to go, check out this list of a few top places to eat in Warsaw:

Czerwony Wieprez: This food place is extremely popular with both visitors and the locals, making it a great choice. It represents a piece of Warsaw’s history itself, as it was the venue where members of the communist movement would meet.

Thaisty: Fancy a bit of a change from the Polish cuisine? This amazing Thai restaurant located in the Old Town has some great options to try.

Hard Rock Café: Although we recommend trying out the local cuisine first, this classic restaurant is a great option for more classic options. It has all the familiar meals, such as burgers and pizza, as well a range of great cocktails.

What to visit on your rugby tour to Warsaw

Once you’ve discovered the charming Old Town District and experienced the atmosphere of Warsaw after sundown, you can make your way around the city and explore. Evidently, a large part of Warsaw destroyed during WWII. With this in mind, it is even more impressive to see such stunning architecture and monuments across the once desolate city.

The Royal Castle

In the heart of Warsaw you will find The Royal Castle. With a palace-like structure, reconstructed from the bottom up, it is an impressive feat to lay your eyes upon. Additionally, the castle used to house both Polish kings and presidential figures and has lots of history waiting to be discovered.

The Presidential Palace

Another incredible landmark is The Presidential Palace, which radiates elegance and class from every wall. It was rebuilt and remodelled after its devastation in WWII, however, it is has remained incredibly impressive. At the moment, the palace is home to the current Polish President Andrzej Duda and his family as well as a popular site for tourists.

Theatres and Museums

Furthermore, there are variety of theatres and museums that are perfect for the art lovers. The Grand Theatre offers a great tour showcasing Polish culture and makes for a perfect visit on a gloomy afternoon. The Museum of Modern Art is overflowing with impressive contemporary Polish art and admission is completely free, making it the perfect low-cost day-time activity.

A Guide to Warsaw Old Town

As the most vibrant and colourful part of the city, Warsaw’s Old Town is a historical marvel in itself. To begin with, as you explore the district you will discover quirky houses, cobblestone streets, and beautiful plazas. Significantly, as you reach the heart of the Old Town District, you will find the Old Town Market Place. Once a site for political speeches and executions, it was destroyed by the German Army in WWII. Nowadays the market has been renovated and is bustling with life and delicious food. Traditional Polish restaurants, quaint open-air cafes, and talented portrait painters inhabit the space and give it a unique charm. Without a doubt, the unique beauty of the area makes it one of Warsaw’s biggest treasures.

One interesting thing to know is that Warsaw’s Old Town District was rebuilt after the devastation WWII brought by using sketches from the 18th century to preserve and restore the city’s history. It is a stunning city today – rich in culture and fascinating in history. Lastly, as you walk around the Old Town, use this little guide to the best pubs in the area to make sure you get the full experience.

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