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3K Taxi Ride

£1.5 – £3

Airport Taxi

£6 – £8


£1.5 – £2.5

Beer (.5L)

£0.8 – £1.6


£2.5 – £5

Why go on Rugby tour to Bucharest?

On a rugby tour to Bucharest, you will visit the historic capital of Romania. With its unique historic nature, Bucharest gives both Prague and Budapest some hearty competition. Moreover, the city is neatly tucked between Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains and the Black Sea, offering a range of activities for visitors.

Bucharest is often referred to as an up-and-coming city break destination. Its charming old town is scattered with hidden cobbled streets and cosy bars that offer the ultimate balance between exploring and enjoying a new location.

This is the ultimate guide for a Rugby Tour to Bucharest that highlights all the benefits of the city and shows you why it’s a great place to visit with your team.

What to visit on a Rugby tour to Bucharest

To begin with, a Romanian Rugby Tour would be incomplete without visiting Bucharest’s Old Town. The beautiful and charming heart of the capital is full of great architecture and trendy hangout places.

Contrary to common perceptions of Bucharest as a grey post-communist landscape, the city has a quirky and unique character. As a matter of fact, it offers a charming mixture of its communist and aristocratic past, contrasting different architectural styles in its streets.

Undoubtedly, it’s Bucharest’s Old Town that gives the city its uniqueness. The stylish architecture, green squares and historic statues offer sightseeing opportunities for visitors. Paired with modern cafes, bars and restaurants, the neighbourhood is a one-stop shop for travellers looking to dip their toes in culture and enjoy a vibrant nightlife. Wandering around this beautiful city, it’s clear that Bucharest has an undisputed and charming beauty.

Where to eat in Bucharest

Equally important, when you need a quick bite to eat there’s a variety of places you can head to. One of our favourites is Caru’ cu Bere, a huge restaurant with six set menus and plenty of options for everyone to choose from. A set menu is only 22 lei (only £4.50 each) – an absolute bargain!

This stunning part of the city is a must-visit for any great Rugby Tour to Bucharest. By all means, it will leave you with some of the best tour memories long after your trip has ended.

Best nightlife in Bucharest

Once the sun has set, the Bucharest Old Town transforms into a nightlife hotspot. All of a sudden, an infinite number of charismatic bars open their doors to visitors offering cheap drinks and great entertainment all around the neighbourhood. Without a doubt, the great prices are one Bucharest’s biggest benefits. Coupled with an exciting and energetic vibe and an array of choices, the city’s nightlife is not one to miss.

Due to the vast choice of venues the Old Town offers, it can be difficult to pick a place for the night. We’ve put together a list of bars and clubs that are definitely worth checking out.

BOA Beat of Angels Bucharest

Undoubtedly, this club deserves its place at the top of this list. Nested inside a refurbished warehouse, the club is a huge and exciting wonderland. Beat of Angels (BOA) boasts an enormous and luxurious venue, two local DJ’s who know how to work a crowd and undeniably good music. BOA is the Bucharest ultimate night out of all nights out and a must do experience.


A diverse club which offers the experience of the hedonistic Romanian nightlife, a huge lounge, plush cocktails, pub-style food and football. There is undeniably a danger that you will never want to leave.

An absolute favourite, Bordello has an outstanding reputation as a destination for a night out. Known to be packed and buzzing every night of the week, it is popular with party-goers. Prepare yourself for a late one

Love karaoke? Love sport? Mojo is just the place for you! With plenty of big screens, Mojo is the perfect place to watch a game, as well as belt out a rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’ after the big game.

Control Club consistently houses live acts, and its core mission is to entertain. To this end, it combines quirky local bands and international acts and offers music suited to the taste of everyone. You can head to Control Club early to start your night, or end up there after bar hopping and have a great time either way.

Do you love sport, amazing cheap beer and quick table service bringing the next round of drinks as you finish them? Then you’re at a danger of making Fire Club the tour HQ for your trip – just make sure you see a bit of the city as well! The venue offers plenty of big screens always showing sport and you may even bump into the legendary Arlechinii Bucuresti club there.

Some nights, you just want to have a few drinks and chat to your mates in a cosy place. Corks Cozy Bar is just the place for that – a quirky little wine bar hidden on a side street. It’s perfect to check out for a classy glass of wine and some nibbles, perhaps on one of your tamer nights out.

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What to do on a Rugby Tour to Bucharest

Palace of Parliment

For one thing, the city’s Palace of Parliament is one of the biggest and most expensive building projects to have ever been carried out. Evidently, it is a masterpiece of engineering and architecture, however the funds required to build it caused country-wide poverty and hunger. It was commissioned by communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu and has a controversial and interesting history that we recommend exploring.

Herastrau Park

Another great activity is to take a stroll around the beautiful Herastrau Park. The park is a place where locals head to in the summer to enjoy the fresh air and sunny weater. Due to its sheer size, the park never feels overcrowded, so is the perfect place have a picnic, play some frisbee and kick a ball around. Herastrau Park is located near the metro station, making it an easy place to visit in the afternoons of your break.

Bucharest Bike Tour

For cycling lovers, the Bucharest Bike Tour is a great way to explore the city at a quicker pace. In particular, it’s perfect for those that want to cover a larger area and see more of Bucharest. On top of that, it’s the ideal way to get some well-needed fresh air and exercise after a few nights of indulgence!

Art Galleries

Finally, art lovers can feast their eyes on some 21st-century art. The most popular galleries worth checking out are the Zorzini Gallery, the H’art Gallery, and the Galateca Gallery. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be an art history major to appreciate the quirky and surreal artwork exhibited.

Cost, Transport & Safety in Bucharest

How Expensive is Bucharest?

Another positive about this European city is the relatively low prices of food and drinks. It’s no secret that visitors don’t like to be surprised by overpriced cocktails and brunches, so you can be confident that your money will go far with this city break. Bucharest is the perfect tour destination with its charm, energy, and quirkiness. Combined with affordable prices and a great nightlife, you’re guaranteed to make some great memories there.

Transport in Bucharest?

To begin with, Bucharest airport has a 24/7 bus route (Express Line 783), which runs between the airport and central Bucharest. From the moment you disembark your plane, the line is clearly signposted, meaning you won’t fall for any scams. If you prefer to catch a taxi, the journey to city centre should cost around 30-40 lei (£6-7).

In case you’d like to explore faraway parts of Bucharest, the subway is the best mode of transport. There are 5 metro lines operating in Bucharest, which serve a large part of the city.

How safe is Bucharest?

As if Bucharest couldn’t be any more appealing, the Romanian city is also considered one of the safest to visit in Europe. Check out the safety stats for yourself.

All things considered, a Rugby Tour to Bucharest is a great affordable choice for a city break. It offers fun and vibrant bars and clubs, charming streets to explore during the day and beautiful nature to enjoy the sun in. In our opinion, it’s a must-visit for any Rugby Tour looking to have a fun and relaxing experience.

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