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Why go on a Rugby tour to Portugal?

Embark on a rugby tour to Portugal, the sunny gem of Europe.

If you’ve been browsing beachy photos and considering a rugby tour to Portugal, then you have come to the right place. The breathtaking country, bordered by both the Atlantic Ocean and Spain, boasts scenic views, options to party and relax, and an array of opportunities for fun. When it comes to rugby tours, we know our onions, and trust us – touring Portugal is an absolute must.

To illustrate why Portugal should be your next rugby tour destination, we’ve put together this ultimate guide to activities, beaches, sports, bars, and places to visit in Lisbon and the Algarve.

Rugby Tour to Portugal | Lisbon

Lisbon, the beautiful Mediterranean city with a unique character.

As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon offers a range of attractions to visitors. You can spend your days lounging in the sun, riding a picturesque tram, or strolling the city’s charming narrow streets. In contrast, after sundown, the city’s laid-back vibe transforms into a lively atmosphere with music, drinks, and entertainment around every corner.

Let’s take a quick walk through the Portuguese capital to give you a taste of what you can expect. To begin with, the city is bursting with colourful buildings, beautiful ceramic tiles, and balconies full of flowers hanging over the sun-kissed cobbled streets. During the day, you can wander Lisbon’s unique streets and discover an array of restaurants, cafes, and bakeries serving delicious pastries. After the sun goes down and the city cools down, Lisbon’s laid-back vibe is transformed into a place to socialise and party – bound to leave everyone on tour with unforgettable memories.

With Lisbon International Airport located in the city, and only a 2 hr 30 minute journey from London, there is no easier way to fly and start touring Portugal’s treasures.

Where to go out on a rugby tour to Lisbon

The clubbing scene in Lisbon has taken off in the past few years, making the city a great choice for your rugby tour to Portugal.

Without a doubt, Lisbon’s unique character persists into the night. As the cobbled streets light up and bars open their doors to visitors, locals and tourists alike come out to enjoy the evening. A popular area for entertainment, Bairro Alto is what we call the ‘sweet spot’ of Lisbon. The neighbourhood is filled with hundreds of vibrant bars, each one offering great music and drinks. Moreover, with so many venues close to each other, you can hop from one place to another for every drink. It’s perfect for an impromptu bar crawl and destined to give visitors some of the best nights out in their lives.

We know how important an exciting nightlife is for any rugby tour, so why not finish the night dancing on the terrace of Lisbon’s most popular super-club, Club Lux? Situated on Lisbon’s beautiful riverside, Lux offers live music, guest DJs, and some of the best nights out in the city.

The Best Beaches near Lisbon

On average, Portugal boasts 270+ sunny days a year. With this in mind, there’s likely to be enough time on tour to even out the worst of tan lines and get the bronze Apollo tan you’ve always dreamt of.

Lisbon offers a variety of gorgeous golden sandy beaches, all of which are close and accessible from the city. Not only are these spots great for swimming and lounging, but some also offer great opportunities for surfing and other water sports. Here is our beach hotlist:

Serra de Sintra Coastline

The Serra de Sintra Coastline has rugged beaches which have a natural beauty and even better surfing locations. Most importantly, the majority of beaches on this coastline are almost untouched by tourism. By all means, if you’re in the area, check out Praia de Guincho, a beautifully natural beach with a mysterious wild side.

Costa da Caparica Coastline

The Costa da Caparica Coastline boasts golden sands which stretch over a lengthy 15km. In contrast with the Serra de Sintra coastline, this sandy stretch is slightly more developed. Charming beach bars are scattered around allowing visitors to grab a cocktail or a coffee and a bite to eat. As well as that, there are regular buses to and from Lisbon, meaning you can get back to the city with ease.

Serra da Arrábida Coastline

The Serra da Arrábida Coastline is encompassed by steep rolling hills and crystal clear blue waters. Although the furthest away from Lisbon, its sheer beauty is enough to make any time spent travelling worth it. This coastline is ideal for a day of relaxation before heading back into the lively nightlife of Lisbon.

What to visit on rugby tour to Lisbon

Everyone wants something different out of their sports tour in Portugal. More than just sunny weather and great bars, Lisbon offers many historical and cultural monuments tourists can visit. Those looking to see some art can take a trip to one of the most important theatres in the country, The Teatro Nacional D. Maria II. Located in the Rossio square, the theatre’s beautiful exterior and incredible performances are essential to the culture of Lisbon.

Another must-see in Lisbon is The Aguas Livres Aqueduct – one of the city’s oldest monuments. Formerly used to supply Lisbon with water, the aqueduct was built to bring water from the nearby region of Sintra. Incredibly, the monument survived the 1755 earthquake which caused city-wide destruction and damage. Additionally, it offers a striking view of Lisbon’s Alcantara Valley on one side and Monsanto Forest on the other.

Finally, something for all the foodies out there. The Time Out Market Lisboa is a food mecca that will satisfy any curious traveller’s cravings for traditional Portuguese cuisine. Although only open since 2014, it is now the biggest attraction in the city and brings in 2 million visitors a year.


Sports activities in Lisbon

Lisbon offers a wide variety of adventurous fun activities which you can try out for yourself.

Coasteering is one of the ultimate fun activities and is possible on the coastline of Sesimbra. For this adventure, you can either go on your own or share the experience with a team. Certainly recommended for those without a hangover, coasteering involves swimming, climbing, and jumping your way across the coast. It is a breath-taking experience to share with your teammates and one you definitely won’t forget.

Alternatively, if coasteering isn’t your thing, there are lots of other water sport activities you can try out in Lisbon. Portugal is famous for its surfing locations, and the beaches around Lisbon offer plenty of great surfing spots. For those looking for more leisurely activities, golfing, fishing, and sunset boat tours are great options to enjoy nature while relaxing.

On the topic of golf, Lisbon has earned the title as one of the best places to play golf in Europe. The stunning scenery and sunny weather certainly do make wandering leisurely around the golf course sound appealing! Club de Golfe Belavista is a popular golf club in Lisbon which is right in the city centre, only a five-minute commute from the airport.

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Rugby Tour to Portugal | The Algarve

The Algarve, located in the southern part of Portugal, is the absolute postcard-perfect destination. Significantly, the region boasts enticing long white sandy beaches, beautifully blue waters and an idillic scenery with dramatic cliffs and rows of citrus trees.

Whether you want to put your feet up and just absorb the sweltering Portuguese climate, or go on a more lively adventure, the Algarve is the ideal part of Portugal to visit. Faro is the regional capital, and where most travellers will fly in to before carrying on to their chosen holiday destination within the Algarve. With Portuguese public transport being relatively low budget, this journey doesn’t cause too much stress on the pockets.

Rugby tour to Albufeira

Known as one of the largest beach destinations in Europe, this part of the Algarve boasts over 25 beaches, leaving you spoilt with choice and proving itself as the hotspot for a sunny break. The coastal city’s popularity is proven by its sell-out summer last year.

Albufeira offers visitors a sweet combination of relaxing and entertainment. Best of all, the city has both a lively strip AND an Old Town District. Experience the two extremes as you take a stroll down historic cobbled streets, then head over to the strip for entertainment any hour of the day.

Additionally, the theme park complex Slide and Splash is extremely close and accessible from Albufeira. Picture a day full of splashing around with your teammates, releasing that inner child we all have itching to come out!

On the other hand, the Albufeira Marina offers activities for seasoned travellers who prefer a more relaxed tour. Ranging from diving lessons and trips, boat rides, and dolphin watching opportunities, the Marina has something for everyone.

What to do on a rugby tour to Albufeira

Need a little inspiration on how to spend your holiday time in the Algarve? With an abundance of sea to play with, there’s no shortage of water-related activities:

Jet Ski Rental from Vilamoura

Jet Skiing makes a regular appearance at the top of people’s to do lists. In Vilamoura, you can hire a jet-ski from the coastal town and experience Portugal’s stunning coastline the most exciting way possible.

Albufeira Dreamer Boat Trip

This boat trip is for those who like to live life a little more energetically. You embark on a two-hour adventure in a speed boat from Albufeira. Undoubtedly, this is the ultimate way to see the Algarve coastline.

Lagos Kayak and Snorkel Trips

Lagos is a historic and lively city located on the Algarve’s coastline. The city offers the opportunity to Kayak and Snorkel to your heart’s content.

Rugby in Portugal

Rugby in Portugal is going strong, and growing in popularity, especially in the capital.

Portugal has a semi-professional league and an abundance of clubs that provide a wide range of activities. The national rugby team also qualified for their first World Cup in 2007 and influenced growth in interest in rugby as a whole in Portugal.

Moreover, Portugal has recently become a popular tour destination for rugby teams, adding another reason why the country is undoubtedly the place to visit. A rugby tour in Portugal allows the incredible opportunity for squads to take on Portuguese teams – awarding both the chance to play a sport in another culture and improve the keen rugby players’ game.

A renowned sporting event in Portugal is The Algarve Rugby Festival. This festival offers the opportunity for international rugby teams to test out their rugby skills on each other, located in the marvellous Lisbon University Stadium Complex.

Want to find out more about this incredible festival? Check it out for yourself.


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