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Why go on a Rugby tour to Rimini?

If you’re dreaming about hot summer days, sunny weather and a lively atmosphere, a rugby tour to Rimini is just the thing for you. Situated on the Italian coastline, Rimini offers a new and vibrant Italian experience that makes it the ultimate beach break destination.

In order to help you decide whether Rimini is the place for you, we’ve written this guide that walks readers through the most important things to know. From the best beaches to the exciting nightlife and the Italian culture, we’ll give you a tour of all the Rimini highlights to get you ready for your next rugby tour.

The best Beaches in Rimini

Let’s set the scene – you’re lying on a sandy beach, the sun playfully shining through the straws of the umbrella. On your right side – a refreshingly cold drink, on your left – your friends laughing. The ocean sparkles in the sunlight in front of you and behind you, a breath-taking view of the Apennine Mountains towers in the distance. “Heaven on Earth”, you think to yourself – no, that’s just Rimini.

Moving on from this dreamy scenario, Rimini’s coastline is definitely not one to miss. With over nine miles of beach, there is an endless amount of space for all visitors to relish. In addition to that, there is an abundance of sun loungers, cafes and sporting activities to enjoy at the beach. The water is shallow and usually calm, which makes it ideal for long swims and paddling.

Choose the right beach

Different beaches suit different activities. If you’re looking for a serene getaway, the beaches in the North of Rimini are perfect for you. They are protected from waves by the breakwater, which makes them ideal for a calm dip. Additionally, you have a choice of both free and paid beaches. If you’re looking for extras, then a paid option will suit you better. Alternatively, if all you want is a towel on the beach, then a free beach is the best choice for you.

Think about privacy

Another thing to consider is how private you’d like your beach experience to be. Some hotels offer access private beaches included in the price. It’s good to consider this in the early stages of planning your rugby tour to Rimini so you have the best stay possible.

Don’t miss the sunrise

Finally, there is one must-do beach activity that will be the highlight of your trip – watching the sunrise. Make sure you wake up early, head down to the beach, and watch the gorgeous sunrise surrounded by your favourite people. A walk or a run if you are feeling active, across the beach is the best way to start the day. However, a beach sunrise can also be an amazing way to end a magical night out. The choice is yours, just make sure you don’t miss this one!

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Where to go out on a rugby tour to Rimini

From its stylish bars to the variety of clubs and vibrant atmosphere, it is no surprise that Rimini is the ‘clubbing capital’ of Italy. Generally, the Italians begin their socialising activities late, around 11 PM. This means that relaxing beach days are a must if you want to enjoy the nightlife. Without a doubt, the energetic atmosphere of Rimini after the sun goes down is spectacular. With this in mind, a rugby tour to Rimini is a must if you’ve set your eyes on Italy.

By all means, time and budget are a priority while on tour, so you need to make sure you know where to go. Here are our recommendations for the most exciting venues for party-goers:



Carnaby is a popular club with tourists and locals alike. It consists of a bar, a terrace, and a sea view balcony. After relaxing and having fun all day, it is the ideal place to carry on the tour’s vibrant spirit into the night.

Baia Imperiale

Situated on top of the hills, this club offers a panoramic view of the sea whilst you dance the night away. You don’t get those kinds of views back in the UK!

Altromondo Studios

Head to Altromondo if you want a lively night to remember. The club consistently hosts events to ensure that your night out is one to remember. Famous for its reputation of being the best in town, it guarantees to make your night a memorable one.

What to visit on a rugby tour to Rimini

Although Rimini is renowned for its enticing beaches and late-night partying, its cultural and historical monuments are not ones to miss. As you wander around the historical walled town you will discover a unique display of Italian culture. In addition to its artistic architecture, the city is encompassed by famous Roman and Renaissance monuments.

To begin with, The Augustus Arch, built in 220 BC, marks the entrance into Rimini. It is well worth visiting and if you want to add a bit of history to your experience. Alongside the Arch, the beautifully preserved and important monument The Tempio Malatestiano should also be on your must-do list. Not only will you witness its stunning architecture, but you’ll also learn about some juicy medieval drama in the meantime. A visit to these monuments will definitely enhance your knowledge of Italian history.

More than just historical monuments, Rimini has many Piazzas where you will find restaurants and bars to sample Italian pasta dishes and wines. After you enjoy the delicious traditional cuisine, be sure to grab an ice cream from Gelateria Romana.

Above all, exploring Rimini is just as stress-free as relaxing on the beach. There are 13 urban bus lines, 9 suburban bus lines, and a trolley bus line that connects Rimini’s city centre with nearby seaside resort Riccione.

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