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Why go on Rugby tour to Argentina?

This vibrant country with stunning nature and culture has left its mark on the world of sports. Without a doubt, a rugby tour to Argentina is perfect for the curious travellers searching for their next adventure.

The cities and land of the country alike offer exciting opportunities for a once-in-a lifetime experience. Argentina has strong European influences, extreme passion, high energy and an undeniably intriguing culture. Read our guide for a walkthrough of the best places to visit, stay and, of course, explore.

Rugby tour to Argentina | Buenos Aires

Bueno Aires is Argentina’s capital, also known as ‘Latin America’s Paris’. The festive vibe of the city radiates from the walls, bustling streets, and every friendly Argentinian. A rugby tour to Argentina makes for a massive tick off the bucket list and an unforgettable experience.

The cobbled walkways, energetic tango dances, vibrant street art, colourful architecture, lively nights out, and famous steakhouses are among the many reasons to visit the impressive city. The warmth of Buenos Aires is undeniable, so read on to get the best experience of the Argentinian capital.


The Low Down on Buenos Aires:

  • Every night is an opportunity for a fiesta
  • The unique European style boulevards are awe-striking
  • Every street allows opportunity to absorb Argentinian culture
  • Rugby is a popular sport in the capital
  • The £ really does go far

What to visit on your Rugby Tour to Buenos Aires

Steak Dinner

Argentina is known as the ‘land of beef’, so don’t forget to taste for some real steak at Buenos Aires’ steakhouses and Parilla grills. Grab an authentic steak at Parrilla Pena to recharge before you continue on your adventure.

Art & Galleries

In order to view some of Buenos Aires’ beautiful art, head to Caminito Street. The street is full of creativity, vibrant buildings, and interesting craft shops. It’s an open-air museum that represents the history of Buenos Aires. To get there, simply catch a bus or a taxi to Caminito. It’s a location well worth visiting while on a rugby tour to Argentina.

Parque Tres de Febrero

Parque Tres de Febrero is a stunning green park, located amidst the artistic infrastructure of the city. You can rent bikes, take a leisurely stroll around the park, chill out among many other things. Moreover, the urban oasis is perfect for a relaxing day after a big night out.

The City’s Markets

Buenos Aires has an array of appealing activities that you can experience throughout the day. Firstly, the city’s markets are a must-do experience during your visit. The most renowned is the San Telmo Fair, to which Argentinian sellers bring antiques and exciting souvenirs.


If you want to experience something a little different, then you need to attend the top polo championship in the world – Abierto Argentino de Polo. It will definitely enhance your Argentinian experience whether you’re a fan of the sport or not.

Recoleta Cemetery

One of the world’s most impressive cemeteries and one of the city’s most memorable sights, Recoleta tops most visitor’s lists when in the city. It is a miniature city, complete with streets and squares, only the houses on either side are beautiful family tombs. Albeit a bit morbid, Buenos Aires’ city of the dead is not a sight to miss. The history and traditions of Argentina radiate through the architecture and grandeur of the cemetery.

Where to go out on a rugby tour to Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires truly comes to life after the sun goes down. Most often, the locals don’t hit the clubs until 1 AM and no one dares head home before 3 AM. It’s a go-hard or go home kind of experience.

It may be overwhelming to plan your night out in Buenos Aires. In order to help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a list of some of the best places in town

This club boasts an array of international DJs, variety of music, VIP sections, and an abundance of flowing drinks. Rosebar has that lively Argentinian party vibe that people seek when heading to the capital.

Take the lift up to the 13th floor of the chic Hotel Pulitzer to find one of the few bars in the city with a view. It is a good place to come if you want a taste of the city’s party vibe and it’s frequented by locals after work.

Festival has an industrial feel with garage-style doors, a central bar and iron shutters. If you want a night out that’s different to your usual, then this is the one for you.

This is the club to go to on a Sunday night. The queues are lengthy as it gets to 1ish, so keep this in mind. When you eventually leave this buzzing nightclub, the sun is sure to have risen. It stays open until 5:30 a.m., so prepare for a big night.

If you want to immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible and party like the locals, then you should move from Plaza Serrano and head to San Telmo. You’ll find plenty of clubs packed with locals, all up for a lively night out in beautiful Argentina.

Terrazas del Este

The biggest and best nightclub in the capital, Terrazas del Este is home to 10 different bars and 4 huge dance floors, all offering different music. This club attracts locals and travellers alike and the music doesn’t stop until the early hours.

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Sports & Rugby tour to Argentina | Mendoza

Mendoza is a beautiful city located in the heart of the country’s wine region. The province borders the impressive Andes Mountains. Overall, it has a laid-back vibe, breathtaking scenery, and is surrounded by wineries, making it the perfect escape from everyday life.

Although Mendoza is a desert town, it boasts an abundance of greenery thanks to irrigation. It is a vibrant city that makes for a unique stay during a rugby tour to Argentina.

Mendoza offers a wide range of outdoor fun activities. In order to get the most out of Mendoza’s countryside, you can paraglide, bike, climb, hike, or even horse ride across the region. The variety of outdoor activities means there is something ideal for every single member of your tour. It’s important to note that the beginning of the year provides the best temperatures for outdoor adventures, so plan wisely

What to visit on a Rugby Tour to Mendoza

Parque San Martin

In case you want a relaxing day with our friends, head to Parque San Martin. The park, situated in Merlo Partido, includes a forested area, zoo, a beautiful lake, delicious restaurants, camping facilities, many sculptures and the El Rosedal Rose Garden.

Five squares

Mendoza’s famous main sights are located across five squares. The central square is Plaza Independencia, with Plaza Chile, Plaza San Martín, Plaza Italia and Plaza España surrounding it. These squares represent Latin America through their beautiful small tiles, Hispanic motifs and artwork.

Food & Wine

If you’re feeling hungry, check out Avenida Sarmiento, a street filled with cafés and restaurants all serving delicious food. Finally, if your budget allows, going on one of Mendoza’s famous wine tours is an absolute must. Check out The Guardian’s guide to the top 10 wine routes.

Where to go out on a Rugby Tour to Mendoza

Avenida Villanueva Aristides

A night out in the city does not begin until late, maintaining Argentina’s lively reputation. Mendoza’s famous drinking and party scene happens along Avenida Villanueva Aristides. Its parties spill out onto the sycamore-sheltered sidewalks, where locals and tourists become one as they lounge in booths, drink, and socialise.


Featuring electronic vibes and international artists, this club guarantees a big night out. The music carries on through to the early hours of the morning, so no one has to go home early. Moreover, located only 5 minutes from the centre, Iskra is incredibly easy to get to.

La Guanaca

This club is a favourite and offers a classic energetic night out with your mates.

Believe Irish Pub

Sometimes we all crave a bit of home when we’re halfway across the world. For a lively night with a young and diverse crowd, head to this renowned Irish Pub where the beer is plenty, and so are the laughs


The bar which turns in to a popular club after the sun goes down. Alquimia is open from Wednesdays until Saturdays, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to fit a night out here in your itinerary.

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