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Written by | SOPHIE WEBBER, BA

Why go on a Rugby tour to Benidorm?

Known as the Spanish city with a big personality, a rugby tour to Benidorm will not disappoint.

Located on the Costa Blanca coast, in the province of Alicante, Benidorm is without a doubt a lively destination. The coastal city guarantees long hot days, beautiful clear sea, and miles of white sand, making it the perfect beach resort for your rugby tour.

Most often, it’s the promise of beautiful sunshine and lively nightlife that give Benidorm its popularity. Although skyscrapers and huge hotels tower across the landscape, the city has a relaxed Mediterranean vibe and a thrilling nightlife. Roaming its streets, you will discover an abundance of bars, clubs, and exciting sightseeing opportunities.

A rugby tour to Benidorm is not just about partying and enjoying the beach. More than that, the Spanish seaside resort boasts charming cobbled streets, restaurants, and lots of culture.

Where to go for drinks in Benidorm

Benidorm’s lively nightlife is no secret. With this in mind, be prepared for the rugby tour of a lifetime as you venture into its Mediterranean atmosphere. As one of the most popular and vibrant party scenes in the Mediterranean, a night-out in the Spanish town will be packed full of unforgettable moments.

Benidorm offers visitors the opportunity to party all night and tan all day. Bear in mind, the nightlife is quieter during December and January, so plan accordingly. Once you’re there, head straight to the strip called the Avenida Communitat Valencia’. It’s only a short taxi ride away and home to the best super-clubs and live acts. Here are our recommendations for the best clubs to hit on your rugby tour to Benidorm.

Where to go out on a Rugby tour to Benidorm

With such a diverse range of entertainment after the sun sets, there really is something for everyone. Usually, entry to most of the clubs is between 15 and 30 euros. This often includes a free drink, and sometimes even a free t-shirt also gets chucked in!

The Benidorm Palace

The palace puts on a cabaret show where extravagant costumes, lively dance moves and a fun night are all guaranteed. The show also includes dinner, which is a bonus. For more details on prices and times, give their website a visit.

KN Dance Club

3 large dancefloors, 12 bars, a swimming pool, and regular foam parties – a Brit’s heaven on tour. KM is one of the most popular clubs in Benidorm promising a great night out and a diverse young crowd.


Located by the Levante beach, your toes are just a short distance from touching the silky white sand as you dance the night away in Penelope’s. The terrace even looks out across the sea, something that is unique to this vibrant club.

Hippodrome Nightclub

This club plays dance music until 7AM in the morning – the perfect time to get grab breakfast after a memorable night out!

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The best beaches in Benidorm

It is undeniable that the Spanish resort boasts some gorgeous beaches. A rugby tour to Benidorm promises white sand and crystal-clear waters throughout. There is a beach for everyone, depending on whether you want to be amidst the action, or have a slightly quieter day.

Levante Beach: Levante beach is one of the best known beaches in the whole of Europe. Its huge curl of golden sand and south facing location makes it the perfect place to soak up the sun. Moreover, there is a promenade buzzing with restaurants, so you go for a walk or grab a bite to eat anytime.

Playa del Mal Pas: This is a quieter cove that separates the two main beaches. In order to recharge after enjoying Benidorm’s lively and energetic nights, a bit of chill out time is a must.

Poniente Beach: The longest beach in Benidorm, perfect for a leisurely stroll both in the morning and evening. There is also a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants all waiting to be enjoyed. This beach is often less crowded than Levante, so a good choice if you want a calmer environment.

What to do on a Rugby tour to Benidorm

Once you’ve experienced Benidorm’s famous nightlife, it’s time to explore what the city has to offer in the day.

With the radiant sunshine, proximity to the sea and mountains, there is no shortage of trips you can enjoy. Here are our top 5 recommendations for trips while on a rugby tour to Benidorm:

Terra Mitica Theme Park

The Terra Mitica theme park is one of the largest in Europe. It has 5 themed zones and an array of thrilling rides to get your pulse racing. You can buy tickets online, in most hotels, or at the theme park on the day.


No matter how old you are, splashing around and sliding down massive slides will never get old. Aqualandia is located in the Costa Blanca, and is right next to the marine animal park Mundomer.

Benidorm Island Boat Ride

The Island remains uninhabited but has a bar and a restaurant ready to greet hungry visitors. There are departures all year round, depending only on weather conditions. You can depart from Levante beach from 10AM onwards.


Jet skiing, banana boat, parasailing or the flyfish, just to name a few, these thrilling water activities are bound to leave great memories. Operating from Levante beach and Poniente beach, Carlos Water Sports take groups out for a fun adventure on the water regularly and safely. With the beautiful Mediterranean Sea located on Benidorm’s doorstep, there is no excuse not to try one of these pulse raising activities.

A Guide to Benidorm Old Town

In contrast to the modern hotels and British pubs, Benidorm’s Old Town offers a traditional Spanish vibe. Its cobbled streets and squares ensure that behind Benidorm’s skyscrapers, the local cultural remains prominent.

Explore the narrow walkways of the Old Town and you’ll find traditional Spanish tapas, ham, cheeses, deliciously oven baked bread and fish stalls. The thing that sets a rugby tour to Benidorm apart from other beach breaks is its diversity. You can be sitting in a pub one minute and exploring Mediterranean streets and culture the next.

With over 30 flights to Alicante Airport from most UK cities, a rugby tour to Benidorm couldn’t be easier. There is an array of low-cost airlines, which ensure that the prices are affordable, making Benidorm even more accessible for travellers.

Above all, Benidorm is one of the only beach resorts open for most of the year, and it never tires. If you want a lively sports tour in the heat of the sun, then Benidorm is the place for you. It is the lively Spanish beach resort where everybody is guaranteed the best time, tan, and memories.

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